06 FR-V 2.2 I-CTDI
Daily Driver Owned by Bones126

  • 2.2 i-CDTI Sport with leather interior & Satnav

    Modifications & Optional Extras


    OE front lower spoiler with rubber lip/splitter added.
    OE Sport Roof spoiler with wing tips
    18" Civic Type-R Alloys
    Carbon Wrap front Grill
    Carbon wrap mudguards / flaps
    Carbon wrap fog light surrounds
    LED Headlamp bulbs - NEVERLAND H4 HB2 LED Headlight Conversion Driving lamp Bulbs Clear 6000k True White Light Hi/Lo Beam 90W 9600LM
    LED Switchback indicator DRL bulbs - T20 20W Canbus White Amber 5630 LED Light DRL Drive Turn Signal Switchback
    LED Interior Bulbs - COB LED 6W 31mm 269 C5W SV8 Festoon Bulb Interior Dome Map Step Light White
    LED Indicator Bulbs - 585 WY21W Amber 60W CREE-XBD SMD 12*5W - (with 50w 6 ohm Load Resistors to stop hyper flash)
    LED Stop/Tail Light Bulbs - 50w T20 7443 CREE XBD LED RED
    LED Reverse Light Bulbs - 15w x15 T20 High Power 7443 580 7440 W21/5W - 900LM
    Folding Mirrors of key fob - CAR KIT Side Rear View Rearview Mirror Folding Closer System Intelligent NM
    Autotain 9 inch TOUCHSCREEN HDMI Headrest DVD Player Autotain MAGIC SILVER
    XCarlink Phone Bluetooth handsfree and music stream.
    Reversing sensors
    Shark Fin Arial

    Planned Mods

    Lower by 25mm (springs purchased)
    Carbon wrap lower front grill
    Black chrome all chrome items.

    Service History & Related Threads

    New Honda OE clutch and flywheel August 2016
  1. Hola Bones,

    Is the lowering mod still just planned? I just bought an FR-V and am looking at a whole new suspension. I Would love to hear your thoughts. I am looking at the hardrace camber kit for sure. I would like to have input from someone who has experience with tuning the suspension on this unique automobile.
    1. Bones126 Avatar
      Hola, I didn't actually ever get around to lowering it as we had to sell the car due to emissions and travelling into the city. I would however recommend the Hardrace adjustable arms to be able to get the camber correct which will help with the grip and tyre wear. Sorry I can't be of any further help.
      Bones126, Thursday 3rd Oct, 2019
  2. Your FR-V looks amazing. Love it. I'm going to have to get inspiration from you on how to customise and upgrade my one!
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  3. Nice FR-V u got there Bones126!!!!
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  4. Nice car, nice mods, nice pictures.

    Is that front bump lip from a Honda Civic or its actually originally accessories for FR-V?
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    1. Bones126 Avatar
      Hi @Leepolam , thanks for your comments. the front lip is a Honda FR-V accessory. I then bought the rubber lip/splitter off ebay and added that myself.
      Bones126, Tuesday 6th Oct, 2015
  5. Nice car, nice mods and nice pictures.

    Is that front bumper lip from a Honda Civic or its actually for FR-V?
  6. Hi @Perosteck , it is the standard grill with a carbon wrap over the chrome. It cost approx £50 do have done with delivery etc from a place called Shadys carbon.
    1. Perosteck Avatar
      Have made some queries regarding Carbon wrapping, just awaiting quotes, was thinking of doing all chrome parts on car but still unsure
      Perosteck, Saturday 18th Jul, 2015
  7. Hi

    Jut a quick question, is that a standard FR-V grille and you have blackened it or is it a replacement? - looks great as I have been trying to track down the grille from the accessory booklet to no avail
  8. Rear spoiler looks great! I've got a set of alloys like yours in the loft - this years job is to get them refurbed / new rubber and swap off the usual 16's. What tyre size have you got on yours?? I Think mine have 205/50r17, but some tyre sites recomend 215/45, and others even 225/40.
    Best circumference match to regular 195/55r16 is 215/45r17.... But that's not what's on em!
    Any advice welcome
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