'05 Honda FR-V 2.0 i-vtec
Partner's Car Owned by zoca

  • No mods yet, 100% stock:

    - Xenon HID lights
    - Honda navigation (alpine), 6 CD changer
    - Rain sensor, auto wiper
    - Sunroof
    - Darkened rear windows
    - Heated front seats
    - Cruise control

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Thinking of upgrading stock satnav but want to keep the original looks of interior. Maybe android of raspberry pi integration. Not sure yet.

    Service History & Related Threads

    ☆june 2016 150.000km
    -airco compressor noisy. Replaced under warranty.
    - noise from power steering pump. Noise disappeared after fluid change by genuine honda fluid.
    - new back tyres
    - service
  1. Hello, can somebody help me? I need a repair manuals for my car: Honda FR-V, 2.0, 2005
  2. That's right. I love those lights, night rides are really enjoyable. Never expected that much brightness :Smile:
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  3. Nice looking FR-V. I see you have projector headlights and sunroof. :morephotos:
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    1. zoca Avatar
      New fotos added. Will add some more after washing...
      zoca, Friday 3rd Feb, 2017
    2. DrSam Avatar
      Thanks, looking stunning. Looks like you have the black dash. Mine is cream/beige.
      DrSam, Friday 3rd Feb, 2017
    3. zoca Avatar
      That's right. Black with gloss wood. Everything looks pretty good except the paint on H logo on steering wheel.
      zoca, Friday 3rd Feb, 2017
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