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Add or Change Guide Thumbnail

When you have created your Guide or DIY, you must upload a thumbnail picture for your guide. It will appear in the list guides and individualises your hard work.
There is an option to 'Edit Guide Thumbnail' in the 'Amend Guide' box.


Select this and then click 'Browse'.


Select the picture you want from the pictures you have (Ideally, use a square picture, or one that has the image you want in the centre)
When you have selected your picture, ensure you click 'Save Changes'


Job done!

There is also a Guide for this

How do I add a signature line

Click on your username on the right hand side, from the drop down list, select "Signature".

What is Tagging ? How do I Tag another member?

Tagging another member, sends them an alert which tells them which post their username was mentioned in.

If you want to notify another member, i.e. tag them, simply type an @ before keying in their name.
As you start typing their name, a list of similar member names will appear.
Select the one you want, and that person will be notified that you have tagged them.
e.g. @Nels

That member will then receive an Alert saying you've tagged them.

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Why can't I edit my posts?

If you are a 'New' or 'Junior Member' you cannot edit posts, so please check carefully before submitting anything.

The 'Edit' function is activated once you reach 'Club Member' rank. Alternatively, 'Club Supporters' are granted this straight away.

Details can be found in Rank, Titles and Premium Members.

If there is something important, that needs altering straight away, please contact a member of the Staff Team.
See FAQ's:
Where can I ask for Help? or
When should I use the ‘Report’ function?

When should I use the ‘Report’ function?

This list is not exhaustive, but examples of when to use this function are:-
  • When a member breaks any of our Club Rules
  • When you want to draw the attention of a questionable post to the Staff Team
  • If you feel threatened or uncomfortable with a post
  • If you receive unwanted PMs from another member after you have asked them to stop
  • If you need to contact the Staff Team for help.

How do I make Suggestions?


Where can I give feedback?


Where can I ask for Help?


Why do you not condone copied Satellite Navigation discs?

Copied discs are illegal and therefore we will not recommend, promote or sell them.
They may also damage your DVD reader.

What is a Club Supporter and how do I become one?

A Club Supporter is a member who has made a payment to help support the club.

This payment is currently £2.50 per month or £25.00 per annum.

(See Rank Titles & Premium Members)

Click your username on the top right hand Navigation bar and you will be presented with this menu.


Why has my e-mail/phone number been removed?

To protect members, no personal data is permitted on the public areas of the site.

You can exchange this information via a Personal Message (PM)

(See How do I send a PM?)

When will I be allowed to sell items in The Market Place?

Users with a rank of "Club Member" or higher may post items for sale in the marketplace sections.

Please ensure you have read and understood Our Community Rules before starting a thread in this section.

Any posts not complying with these conditions will be removed.

These rules can also be accessed via the Community Rules link at the bottom of the page.

Where can I find out about the Ranks in the Club?

Details about Club Ranks, Titles and Premium Members can be found here.

How do I add an image directly from my device?

A more detailed guide is also available.

To Insert Images Directly From Your Device:

Click on the "Upload a File" button. This is normally near the bottom of the page.
You will be presented with a file browser that will differ depending on your device.

Select and add the image that you wish to upload. This will then appear at the bottom of the screen. (It may take a moment or two to load)

Thumbnail Full Image 1.

Place the cursor where you want the image and then select 'Thumbnail' or 'Full Image' to insert the picture into your post.

How do I add an image via URL?

A more detailed guide is also available.

How to Insert a Picture via URL:

You see an image on the web you want to insert on the forum, right-click it and select "Copy Image Location". This copies the URL to the image into your clipboard.

Select the text area either with your mouse or by taping it on a touch-screen device.

Then using the using the editor, click/tap on the image icon Image icons picture.

In the box that opens, paste the copied URL and click Insert

Wherever you left off typing is where the image will be inserted by default. Our site will attempt to download the file automatically and host it if possible.

How do I send a Private Message (PM)?

Please Note - You must have a rank of Junior Member or above to send a PM

To start a Private Message (PM).

Click or position the cursor over your Inbox (next to Alerts) and select Start a Conversation OR
Click on the name of the member you want contact.

If you click on a member's name, then select Start a Conversation, the recipient's details are automatically filled in.

Alternatively, if you started from your Inbox, you will need to enter the recipients name.

Enter your message and then select Start a Conversation to send.

A step-by-step guide is also available - How to send a Private Message (PM)

How do I add my vehicle to the Club Garage?

To add your vehicle to the Club Garage:

You will need:
  • Some photographs of your vehicle
  • Your registration document OR chassis and engine codes
  • A list of modifications you plan or have made to your vehicle
  • The colour or paint code of your vehicle - usually on your VIN or door pillar
  • Click the 'Club Garage' tab
  • Click the 'Add your Honda'
  • Then just fill in the boxes by following the guidance notes below each one.
  • If entering a mileage figure, do NOT use commas - numbers only.
Remember to click 'Add your car' when you have finished. Alternatively, you can 'Save as Draft' and finish it later.
Please note: It may take a couple of hours or so before your vehicle appears in the Club Garage. This is normal and not a fault.

There is also a more detailed guide available on the following link:
How to add your vehicle to the Club Garage

How do I unsubscribe from eMail notifications?

For future threads to be turned off, make the sure following options are checked here: 2014-10-22 20 12 32.

To remove previous threads from email notifications, go here: 2014-10-22 20 14 27.
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