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Sunday 14th Oct, 2018
Tuesday 29th Apr, 2008
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Monday 14th Mar, 1988 (Age: 31)

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Sunday 14th Oct, 2018
    1. smash
      should be yeh, should be getting a white CR-X on sunday :)
    2. smash
      u still off to japfest tomorow m8?
    3. Beau23
      hello mate, don't u suppose anyone who might be interested in buying the turbo i bought off ya? cheers liam, do u still want the boost guage?
    4. knightmaric
      I'm going to Cardiff tomorrow luckily anyway =]

      Off to a model shop on city road to take a look at some rc drift cars :P

      Give me a txt and we'll arrange a time ok dude?

      My number is 07805687518.

    5. will-i-am
      mate im sure I've seen these before....
    6. will-i-am
      mate check it out
    7. knightmaric
      Hey dude.

      Sorry for not getting back to you any earlier.

      I've only just been able to get onto the new civiclife.

      Here's my number 07805687518.

      Give me a text and we'll arrange when and where to meet.

      Is that alright?

    8. knightmaric
      How are Thursdays or Fridays? They're my days off.
      I don't mind meeting you on one of those days or on a Saturday evening.
    9. O'Neal
      have you got that tool that pushes the rear trailing arm bush in?
    10. knightmaric
      That sounds like a bloody good idea actually.
      I don't know Cardiff too well so you'll have to let me know the place and time.
      Somewhere light so I can have a quick look at the seats when I pick them up off of you =]
      I'll message you when i'm next free this week.

    11. knightmaric
      Hey dude.
      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
      What is your postcode?
      You can PM me it if you prefer.
      I'll chuck it into google maps or the sat nav and see how long it'll take for me to get to you.
      If things go the way I plan, i'll most likely be able to buy the seats + carpets off of you this weekend! :: fingers crossed ::
    12. O'Neal
      nah keeping to the 4x100 setup i am.
      rover calipers i have for the front - heard you have to grind them down a little - did you do the same?
    13. O'Neal
      hopefully should have everything i need in the next 2 weeks. i sold the wilwood kit i had, bought some 282's for front and 262's on their way for the rear. think im picking up a set of meisters next week, be same kinda setup as yours.
      im going on a road trip with a friend at the end of june around europe, so fingers crossed i'll have it all done in time. ha no doubt i'll be on the phone to you non stop then asking what to do all the time!
    14. O'Neal
      fancy having a major play with my car soon?
      need to fit new front and rear hubs, new brakes front and back, front and rear anti rol bar, coilovers... basically everything suspension handling/ braking wise
    15. sie2050
      no probs mate prob be bout 11 - 12
      you still gotta come see my crib yoooo
    16. sie2050
      ummm well i dunno thinking weather to just go all out or not atm
      but if that turbo does come up for sale then yer fuck aye to get me started
      otherwise i think im gonna save for a gt2871r
    17. sie2050
      hahah yer man and if you don't use it i will lmao
    18. sie2050
      no probs mate will see you tomorrow morning dude
    19. knightmaric
      Well I may be in need of the carpet aswell.
      If you still have it and if it's in good condition of course.

      Thanks mate.
    20. knightmaric
      Holy crap Zombie i'm so sorry for not replying to the visitor message.
      I didn't even realise it was on there and I had completely forgotten about the MB parts until now.
      Sorry to have seemed like I was messing you around.
      Do you still have the half leather seats?
      If so I will buy them off of you either next week or the week after.
      I get paid on thursday hopefully, if not friday.
      But i'm in desperate need of a new interior.

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    Monday 14th Mar, 1988 (Age: 31)
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