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Friday 5th Aug, 1988 (Age: 31)

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Thursday 13th Nov, 2014
    1. wildmann
      Alright mate how mny cans of paint it take you to do the inside of the car as im doing this next week and need some pointers. :)
    2. EP_twinsan
      hey mate.... ermm ur friend t888ngs Civic told me he got his rear toe bar from you and said you mite have some left...if you do let me no please or were you got them from....thankz mate
    3. black bullet
      black bullet
      hi mate,car looks even sweeter now,just a question really,where did you get your rocker cover painted?and how much did it cost?as the paint is starting to flake on my k20 and not sure weather to get it painted or powder coated,cheers.
    4. jdmek4sir
      hi mate hows things? tried sending you a pm but your inbox is full lol basically I've sold the teg and the seat, rail and harness won't go in my new car so im putting it back up for sale :( so though id give you dibs if you were still interested? putting it up for
    5. barrow1987
      yo yo gizzle barrows finally on the forum lol!!!!
    6. Tomo JDM EK3
      Tomo JDM EK3
      LOL! Yea looks a bit scruffy at mo, not to my liking, front end has been sprayed the wrong colour(too dark) front splitters been bodged up, body not been primed in some places, want to sort interior out and want to do rear disc conversion(Abs), and i want some 16's of some sort, got 17" Rota subzero's at mo. As it goes, "Build it don't buy it"! lol!!! Yea will defo have to arange a meet sometime dude, so you can give me some ideas n that. Yea love parking it outside Vw pisses the managers rite off Jdm y0, he he, Im a mechanic mate. Heres mine 07816472015 Tom
    7. Tomo JDM EK3
      Tomo JDM EK3
      Thats me mate!! yea will do next time. B+Q, I work across the road at Peter cooper vw mate!! If you ever need a Ramp or nething give me a shout. lol! small world!! Yea you'll have to let me know the in and outs, i know a lil bit about the mod, but not everything.
    8. Tomo JDM EK3
      Tomo JDM EK3
      Hey, thats ok, yea I've seen you about before, hedge end and that. santa pod rules!!! I wasnt in the ek, was parked up in a golf vr6 (a mate of mines) in case it broke down!! lol!! he he, Honda scene is picking up down here, you agree? Yea i know sholing well, im from west end mate. Im gonna b16a2 or equivalent my ek3 asap (hopefully), so any thoughts and ideas will be much appreciated!! Jdm y0 :)
    9. Tomo JDM EK3
      Tomo JDM EK3
      Sweet Ek, where abouts in soton you from? thought i saw you portsdown hill on sunday?
    10. Recaro82
      Hello m8 howz u? ur car ready 4 collectin 2moz?
    11. dan type-r
      dan type-r
      dude i jus looked at them cars on that thread jdm yoooo! the cars are awsome!! jus a shame people where bitchin.
    12. ozwald85
      interested in parcel shelf mate how much etc???
    13. ozwald85
      elllo mate whats happing about the bits you where going to purchase off me?? thought you were coming down sat???
    14. allmotorxdc2
      i have a brand new SKUNK2 Intake manifold for sale if you are interested let me know
    15. hazza_ek
      yo dude hows it goin
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