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Wednesday 19th Mar, 1980 (Age: 39)

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Quite different and will take a bit of time to get use to, but I think it will work great once we are use to it. New PM system is good. :)

Sunday 9th May, 2010

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    1. dj-syco
      How can i find out what meisters i am useing do you have it stamped somewere or is there a number that i need to give to you?
    2. smobey_sutton2
      Hi mate, am interested in the MeisterR Zeta-R coilovers for my EK. Will the CL offer still be running in 2 weeks time? Thanks.
    3. Rolfe
      Was really good chatting to and meeting you yesterday at South Mimms! Very interesting and very clever. :)
    4. Lerios
      hello i have an EK4 Civic '98 and i saw the Meister R 286mm Big Brake Kit Upgrade for my 262mm Front brakes. i want to buy that kit it's incredible but i'm from greece can you send to it to me i want it so much, i hope that your shop shipps in other countries. sorry for my bad english, thank you
    5. fez
      Hey mate, im after 2 sets of c spanners for your coilovers, as i borrowed my mates and they bent when i used them, if you could pm me with a price please that would be great thanks, Huw
    6. GotFruit
      Yo.. thanks for sending the stickers for my ek9, Got 2 on and got the coilys on now as well :) Thread up in build up.

    7. talldarkrandom
      can you give me your insight as to what power a supercharger would make on the is 200 :P super interested now :)
    8. LewisEk
      Thanks for such a quick service Jerrick, Can't wait to fit these!!
    9. MeisterR
      Quite different and will take a bit of time to get use to, but I think it will work great once we are use to it. New PM system is good. :)
    10. zombie86c
    11. B18Chris
      Hi mate, been speaking to sean ej2 about the 286mm brakes, Im very interested in geting a set, I have a 96 spec Integra dc2, could you give me a bit of info about them, as sean said he got the first set produced. Thanks chris.
    12. zombie86c
      Hi Meister, just wondering if 155 is the best you can do on the camber kits? i know thats being cheeky but had to ask, extremely interested, cheers tom
    13. typer1800
      Hi there. I have bought a set of meisteR Zeta R coilovers from DMS. Along with this I have bought a full Hardrace Bush Kit and Whiteline Camber/Castor kit. Still need to get this stuff on and set up. Was wondering if you would advise me to buy anything else to make the car handle like a go kart?!
    14. jag60dog
      would miester sell only a pair of rear coilovers? as i will need a rear pair for an sw20
    15. stirks
      hi with any luck i sould have the moneys to buy these coilovers start of nxt month do you still have this fantastic offer on at all? they would be to fit a face lift ek Civic vti
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    Wednesday 19th Mar, 1980 (Age: 39)


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