Family Models

  1. Honda Jazz (Fit)

    Winning back-to-back awards and still the most reliable car model in the UK, the Jazz is for those looking for a compact, robust and versatile run-about.
    Nels Avatar Latest: 2011 SD Navi Manual Nels, Tuesday 8th Jan, 2019
  2. Honda FR-V (Edix)

    Large and spacious, the FR-V is a 6 seater family car which finally ended production in 2011. Highly sought after, these haulers are still holding their value.
    Zebster Avatar Latest: FR-V 2.2cdti clutch and dual mass flywheel cost Zebster, Saturday 19th Jan, 2019 at 9:04am
  3. Honda HR-V (Vezel)

    The HR-V, a mini SUV produced from 1999. The 2nd generation built on the robust Jazz/Fit platform is soon to enter the UK market, currently sold in Japan as the Honda Vezel.
    SpeedyGee Avatar Latest: "Immobilised" HR-V SpeedyGee, Friday 11th Jan, 2019
  4. Honda Stream

    Produced since 2000, and on its second generation. The Stream is a 7 seater MPV, currently the only available on Honda's UK line-up.
    andy83 Avatar Latest: Noises and clunks andy83, Friday 12th Oct, 2018