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ARP Extended Wheel Studs (Front 4-Pack) - Mazda MX-5 ('88-05)

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Part Description:

ARP Extended Wheel Studs. With a tensile strength of 190,000 psi, these heat-treated, cadmium-plated 8740 chrome moly wheel studs are a necessity for any car in competitive racing. They easily handle tremendous acceleration shock loads (shear) and lateral forces (elongation). Please note: 90-93 NA FRONT/REAR 94-05 NA NB FRONT ONLY

Package Details:

18cm (7.3")
11cm (4.3")
3cm (1.3")
Actual Weight
0.34kg (12oz)
Dimensional Weight
0.13kg (Air Freight Minimum)

All weights/dimensions have been checked and confirmed by our warehouse team. This part is eligible for international express air freight shipping.

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