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ACL Standard Connecting Rod Bearings

ACL Bearings
From: $20.25
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ACL engine bearings are recognised as a premier brand throughout the motorsports world. Race Series rod and main bearings are standard components in race engines that have set records and won championships worldwide.

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From: $20.25

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Part Description:

One often overlooked part when building an engine is the bearings. Getting a quality set of bearings can directly determine the longevity of your engine.

Most replacement bearings are of the same metallurgy. But there are differences in their composition and construction. Our rod and main bearing have some features that provide advantages over ordinary ones. Therefore, we feel they provide the ideal physical and metallurgy advantages required of OEM replacements.

For performance orientated builds, or for engines that will undergo a fair bit of abuse - consider using ACL's Race Series bearings instead.

If you are not machining your crankshaft whatsoever, select standard sized stock replacements in the options above. Your engine builder will determine if there's any benefit to running extra, or less, oil clearance however it is not needed for your run-of-the-mill engine build.

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